Korean talent

Today it is the turn to introduce Kim Ho Yong, 18 years old player born in South Korea that is enjoying his second season within the 10 months program of SOCCER Stages at WOSPAC.

Join WOSPAC Stages

Only 3 months left for the start of the new season of the 10 months program of WOSPAC SOCCER Stages, and we are looking for guys like you who want to be part of one of the best soccer academies around the world, located in an ideal place, Barcelona and having the opportunity to train in the quarry of UE Cornellà the third best quarry of Catalonia behind FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol.

Technology in Soccer

Technology is a fact that has come to remain. Nowadays, it applies to any field and any discipline. Technology also came to the sport field time ago.

Join WOSPAC Camps

The campus for this next summer that organizes every year WOSPAC Camps, are ready to receive all children aged between 8 and 15 years for the participants of the Summer Campus and between 15 and 19 for those who opt to make the Elite Campus.

WOSPAC-AE Prat agreement

With the aim of keep supporting and promoting the Baix Llobregat entities in an international level, WOSPAC has reached a collaboration agreement with AE Prat.

Love for a team

If we talk about football in the city of Berlin, everybody thinks about the great team of the city Hertha and even their Stadium, the Olympistadion where FC Barcelona, won the Champions League last season. 

The unbeatable keeper

In professional football we have examples of very great goalkeepers throughout history, such as Oliver KahnSantiago CañizaresVíctor Valdés… and Manuel Neuer and David de Gea from today among others,

Discover Imthiyaz Miraash

Today we introduce you Imthiyaz Miraash, player of the SOCCER Stages program. Miraash is a 16-year-old player from the Maldives Islands, a beatiful place located in the Indian Ocean, playing his 3rd season in WOSPAC,

How to prevent injuries

Today we want to talk about the important thing is to have a good physical condition to compete at a high level and how important is to prevent possible injuries.

The mix of the success

Communication is key in any sport. As so is in any huge family or group. The success of any team is to create and encourage tight bones between its members. All of them must go in the same way, support and believe in each other.

Chemistry in WOSPAC Teams

Relationships are made day by day. The chemistry in a team is built with the daily trainings and relations between the individuals that form it. The team chemistry is something necessary for the big collective success. Having all the members understanding themselves is the key to reach the goals that have been set during the season.

WOSPAC coaches success

Life can change in a matter of seconds. One play, one fault, one goal or, even one result can dictate the immediate future of a coach. The coaches are always examined. The success or fail of a club depends directly on the coach´s work.